Issue Life Cycle

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Life Cycle

The life cycle of an issue can be seen in Figure 1.

The boxes contain different statuses in which an Issue can be found. The text on the arrows marks the actions that will lead to the next status.


Issue status and actions


The status of an Issue (Entered, Resolved, etc.) reflects the current activity of the MARIN Product Team on the Issue.

The Status of an Issue can be changed by an action.

Note: An issue goes from Resolved to Closed once it is part of a release.


As an User you are able to:

  • Create an Issue
  • Reopen an Issue (changes the status on the Issue)
  • Comment on an Issue (to provide more information on it, to respond to a question from the Product Team, etc.)
  • Watch an Issue (by doing that you will receive automaticaly generated e-mails about the changes in the Issue)

MARIN handles the status changes in an Issue and keeps it correlated with the real progress on the Issue.


As an User you will receive automaticaly generated e-mails for the following changes in an Issue:

  • Creation of your Issue
  • Approved/Rejected of your Issue
  • Resolved of your Issue
  • Reopened
  • Updated
  • Closed
  • Commented