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Project identification

Each project has an unique key attached. The key is an abbreviation of the project name.


It is directly linked to the project. By clicking on it (or on the project name), the Project Page will be displayed. The abbreviation is also used in the issues identifying key (see Finding your issue). Moreover, the key can be used as link inside any other ticket. Simply type the key and a link to the project pages will be generated.

Projects tab

You can also find your projects if you go to the Project tap in the top menu. When you click on the Projects menu you will directly go to the last project you visited. If you click on the downward arrow on right side a menu will open showing all recent and current projects and a link to 'all projects'. If you click on this options you will go to the project browser showing all project you have access to (see also the picture below).

List of available projects

Project Page

Project page in MITS

By clicking on a project name or its key, the Project Page will be displayed.
This shows all the information about the project, such as:

  • General information about the project and recent activity;
  • Issues lists categorized by status;
  • Project's Road Map;
  • Change Logs based on version;
  • Information about the project's version;


From the Project Page you have access to all kinds of reports and charts regarding the activity on the project. They can exported as html or text.

More help

You can find more information on the JIRA help page: