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Issue identification

Each issue has an unique key attached. The key if formed from the project key and an index number:


Most of the times, it is displayed together with the text that was inserted for the summary field. It can be used to easily track an issue and to link to it from inside other issues. Simply type the key in an issue or comment and a link to this issue will be generated.

Issues lists

There are 2 places where you can find the link to an issue:

  • the activity streams;
  • the issues tab;

In the activity streams

The activity streams can be found in:

  • MITS Dashboard;
  • On the project page to which it belongs;

Please note that these pages are customizable, in order to fit your preferences.

In the Issues tab

Searching for an issue in MITS

The full search page for finding any issue can be found under the Issues link in the top menu below the MITS logo. Here you can define your filters for finding the issues that you need.

On the left of the page there are all the filters (like the project name and issue's fields). You can use any of them; none of them is mandatory.

After a search with the desired result, the filter can be saved and re-used in a new MITS session. Each time you will use a filter, the search will be redone in order to display the latest list of issues that matches your request.

More help

You can find more information on this action on the JIRA help page:
Searching for Issues