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To add an issue you have to be logged into the MITS system. When logged in, this action is available at any given moment. It can be reached from any page of the system through the "Create issue" link on the upper right corner.

Please note that you can only create issues for the MARIN products you have access to. If the project is not found, please contact

Action flow

For adding an issue the following action should be taken (assure that you are logged into the system):

  1. Click on the "Create issue" link on the upper right corner of the page;
Adding and issue in MITS
  1. Complete the fields on the Issue Input Page;
    1. Choose the desired MARIN product from the drop-down box and click the Create button;
    2. Depending on the type of the project you have selected an Issue Input Page will be displayed;
    3. The fields in italics are mandatory;
    4. Field descriptions are presented on the page;
  2. Click the Create button.

After you have clicked the Create button, a pop-up on the current page will inform you that the issue has been created. You can use the issue link in the pop-up to navigate to the issue view.

MITS GUI example

In this summary you see:

  • depending on your user rights, an amount of Operations, such as adding comments, attach additional files, etc, on the upper left side;
  • the issue details (including your added information) on the center on the page;
  • the activity on this issue.

More help

You can find more information for this action on the JIRA help page:
Creating an Issue